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Mariska's Musings

Mariska's Musings

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Independence Day 2015

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Today is Independence Day and I cannot help but to reflect on just what that REALLY means these days, not only to our general public but to our once respected government officials. To me Independence Day is a reminder of our (all of America, not just white folks) forefathers fight for oppression from their "mother lands". It is not only a reminder but also a reiteration of the very freedoms they all shed their blood and died for. THAT IS HOW FERVENTLY THEY BELIEVED IN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

Sadly, as a once great nation we have strayed far from those precious ideals. We have become a divided nation, full of hatreds of our neighbor, full of strife over who's religion is better than who's, we have elected officials who may start out with great ideals and once in office easily cave in to the pressure of special interest groups, career congressmen, etc, etc. We have preachers who practice hatred in the streets, the pulpit, and the news. Our journalists refuse to speak on the subjects which would in the least way tell the real truth (unless it is to denounce the subject)....we have networks worried more about special interest groups than they are about the fact that 50 young women and their families invested a great deal of their time and money in a dream made popular by the very networks which shunned them. One financiers opinions DOES NOT a network make, my friends.

We as a nation are in a sad state of affairs. And that deeply saddens many of us. But if we do not find a way to unite ourselves again, and pretty damn soon, we will no longer be a great nation but a series of divided states probably continuing to hurt one another in our feeble human-like attempts to feel good about ourselves.

May our gods help us ALL!

A Personal Take on the Strife Attacking Our Nation These Days

Posted on July 3, 2015 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I write with a heavy heart. There is a great deal of uproar right now with various "sides" posting different information, each one attempting to one-up the "other" ... What I, personally see happening here is a great chasm being forged, pitting faith against faith, belief against belief, and heritage against heritage. PEOPLE, we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD -- regardless of how we view that God, I would like to believe that there is one supreme being out there. There is no argument that each faction or group of people believes in some form of "God". There is no argument that each faction or group of people probably envisions that God as special unto them. There, again is no argument that each of us, regardless of our so-called race, happens to find ourselves in the wonderful U.S. OF A. I truly believe that we are ALL here to play nicely with one another, is it any wonder that I cannot help but think that this ALL SUPREME BEING is just looking down at this craziness and rethinking the idea of having ever even put us here to begin with!?

Truth: Black slavery existed in the youthful years of this country. Not nice.

Truth: White slavery existed in the youthful years of this country. Not nice.

Truth: Our founding fathers had a hand in slaughtering a good many of the peoples who were here before us. Definitely not nice.



I don't care who your grandparents were and quite frankly either does anyone else.

For the most part, the most of us could care less if you're purple, pink, or green-polka-dotted..... show what's in your heart and that alone is what you're judged by and subsequently how you will most likely be treated by your neighbors.

Blessings to all from an open heart here in the wonderful southern state of NC

Memories in My Mind

Posted on February 14, 2014 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (1)

 Way back in the wrinkles of my mind lay scattered memories of moments through childhood. One of the best memories that I have stored away is of my Dad's old Woody Wagon. That was the coolest car ever. Every sunday we would all pile in and go for a ride through the country, taking all the back roads and forgotten byways. Dad would point out the wildlife as we rode. We didn't mind that there were no power windows, no comfortable bouncy seats, no DVD player to keep us entertained. We never even noticed that the only air conditioning available was the open windows!

But those are days gone by -- never to be again. When we try to recapture those moments with our new families we hear wailing and moaning about not being comfortable, about being bored, about being too hot.. etc, etc. Too bad we couldn't bottle the emotions that we felt during those times so that we could somehow magically pass it on to our children today.

Now-a-days if a toy doesn't "do" something, or an outing doesn't involve spending money and being entertained the children don't want any part of it. I find that very sad. Very sad indeed.

I think when I settle down for the night tonight I will think wonderful thoughts of when I was a little girl and all of the great things that we used to do with no money ---

Every one of those memories is a blessing for me and I am thankful for each and every one of them.


Lightning on Tower Bridge

Posted on January 31, 2014 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This image was captured by amateur photographer Daoud Fakhri while he was touring the capital during the wet and windy conditions. He was testing out a new lens for his camera by taking pictures of the historic bridge on the River Thames, when the storm hit, creating this amazing scene against a backdrop of dark grey clouds. Mr Fakhiri claimed the shot was completely unplanned and 'pure luck'


Although absolutely beautiful in its raw form, lightning can be a devastating act of nature. It is just fortunate that no one was hurt during this storm while on the bridge.  When you are a first-hand witness to something you can't help but have a new-found respect and awe for its power.