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Independence Day 2015

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 10:15 AM

Today is Independence Day and I cannot help but to reflect on just what that REALLY means these days, not only to our general public but to our once respected government officials. To me Independence Day is a reminder of our (all of America, not just white folks) forefathers fight for oppression from their "mother lands". It is not only a reminder but also a reiteration of the very freedoms they all shed their blood and died for. THAT IS HOW FERVENTLY THEY BELIEVED IN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

Sadly, as a once great nation we have strayed far from those precious ideals. We have become a divided nation, full of hatreds of our neighbor, full of strife over who's religion is better than who's, we have elected officials who may start out with great ideals and once in office easily cave in to the pressure of special interest groups, career congressmen, etc, etc. We have preachers who practice hatred in the streets, the pulpit, and the news. Our journalists refuse to speak on the subjects which would in the least way tell the real truth (unless it is to denounce the subject)....we have networks worried more about special interest groups than they are about the fact that 50 young women and their families invested a great deal of their time and money in a dream made popular by the very networks which shunned them. One financiers opinions DOES NOT a network make, my friends.

We as a nation are in a sad state of affairs. And that deeply saddens many of us. But if we do not find a way to unite ourselves again, and pretty damn soon, we will no longer be a great nation but a series of divided states probably continuing to hurt one another in our feeble human-like attempts to feel good about ourselves.

May our gods help us ALL!

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